Whether you just want to hold down the fort until a professional water damage restoration team arrives or you want to be the last line of defense, these tips will help you fix minor water damage issues in your home. 

Turn off the Leak

When you notice any leakage in any part of your home – and you’re not sure about the source, turn off the main valve. This should hold down the fort until a water restoration company arrives to fix the leak.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Towels and buckets should be fine for shallow water. However, if the level of water requires a pump. You could rent a sump pump. But be careful not to use an electric outlet in that area. Electricity and water don’t mix.

Dry Out the Floors and Walls

After you have gotten the water out of the house, use fans or Dehumidifiers to dry out the floors and walls. Open the windows as well, if the weather permits it.

Disinfect the Area

The longer water sits in a place, the more bacteria will grow in it. Use non-toxic disinfectants to clean the area to avoid bacterial infections. You could also mix white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and apply to the affected area.

Get Rid of Damaged Items Responsibly

Your first thought for disposing of damaged items would be to throw it all in a dumpster. Don’t do this – all wastes aren’t equal. It is important to separate electronics from paper waste for proper disposal.

Prevention is Easier than clean-up

Regular maintenance of your indoor and outdoor appliance, including pipes will lower your risk of water damage. Wrap outside pipes to avoid freezing and bursting. Double-check weathersstripping each year.

Minor water damage can be adequately managed without the help of a professional. However, ensure that you have the basic tools if you’re going to do this yourself.

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