In Maryland and the US, hundreds of fire damages occur because of the careless use of candles in the home. If your house gets damaged by a candle fire, you could spend thousands of dollars in fire restoration and smoke clean up.

This article will expose four tips to safely use candles in your home to avoid fire damage and spending thousands in restoration.

4 Tips to Safely Use Candles In Your Home
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Keep Candles Securely

Keep candles on a surface where there is no clutter. Ensure that the surface is sturdy enough that the candle won’t fall over. 

If you have to light more than one candle, make sure they have at least 12 inches of space around each other. 

Also, ensure that there are no flammable items close. Finally, ensure that holders are stable at the base and that it is the right size of the candle.

Stay Watchful

Never leave the room where the candle is burning without coming back periodically to check on the burning candle. Make sure the airflow is not so strong in the area where the candle is burning.

If the airflow is so strong that it is moving the flame back and forth, move the candle to an area with less airflow, or if you can’t move it, turn it off completely.

Ensure Candles are Out of Reach of Children and Pets

Ensure that you keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. Don’t place candles on a level where little hands and paws can reach it. Finally, store candles and matches (or lighters) in a childproof cabinet.

Ensure Safety Precautions

Pull your hair out of the way and keep any loose clothing you’re wearing out of the way. Never let a candle burn a lower than about an inch. When it gets down to that level, turn it off and throw it out.

Avoid the temptation of burning a candle in your bedroom. It’s easy to fall asleep, and the chances of fire damage are higher. If a family member is using an oxygen tank, do not use candles at all.

Follow the tips above to prevent candle fires from happening in your home. For your fire restoration services in the Maryland area, call the experts at AA Restoration.

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