The most common side effect after a flood or water damage is mold growth. Since there are many strains of fungi, it is difficult to identify the most dangerous types of mold like the Stachybotrys, widely known as black mold.

Before you can go ahead and call the experts for mold remediation, here are a few giveaways to recognize Stachybotrys (black mold).

3 Tips to Identify Black Mold

Look Out For the Color

Stachybotrys are called black mold because of their color. You may find that some mold growths are darker than some. And others have a tint of green in it. Stachybotrys turn even darker the longer they are allowed to grow. It means that, the deeper the hue, the longer the mold has been growing.

The Smell

 A mold remediation company in Maryland will use specialized tools and equipment to find different types of mold, along with visual inspection. However, with black molds, you can perceive its smell because of the specific scent it gives off.

As black mold grows, it releases waste know as mycotoxins, which gives off a dirty, musty scent. It usually smells like wet, dirty laundry. The stronger the scent, the bigger the growth. 

Check the Texture

Although most of the mold growth in the home is different, some share a few characteristics. When you aren’t sure of the kind of mold you are dealing with, you can always tell by its texture.

Black mold, unlike other fungi, is not fuzzy; and it has a slimy surface. If you identify the mold in your home to be black mold, it is best to leave the removal and treatment to a mold remediation company in Maryland.

It can be worrisome and stressful to find out that the mold in your home is Stachybotrys. Especially if you are aware of the dangers that black mold poses. 

Knowing to identify this type of mold will help you notice a mold remediation company quickly. It will also make you feel comfortable and less stressful about the cleanup process.

AA Restoration is a professional mold remediation company that takes care of all types of mold problems in Baltimore and the entire Maryland area.

  1. It’s interesting to learn that black mold gives off a dirty, musty scent. My wife wants to protect our house from any type of mold. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should watch out for dirty and musty smells to prevent black mold.

  2. That’s good to know that it’s best to leave removing black mold to a professional. I have heard that it can be pretty harmful to your health, so it would be pretty bad if you were removing it without protection. I should make sure to call a mold removal company that would have the proper equipment if I ever notice some slimy mold in my house.

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