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Basement Makeovers

A basement renovation can add a lot of value to your home. Not only do you reap the benefits of aesthetic appeal, utility, and functionality – not to mention an extra personal space for entertaining and relaxing – but you boost the monetary value of your home, as well. At AAction we build the residents of Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore Counties basements of uncompromising quality. Our experienced team of rough carpenters construct extremely solid frameworks, while our finish carpenters add the beautiful finishing touches.

We have designed and built basements in nearly corner of Maryland. From extravagant basements in Gibson Island to the more space conscientious layouts of a Baltimore row home, we’ve done it all and can make your basement space function the way you want it.

When remodeling a basement, we give our customers access to choice materials and styles. Our guidance will make the process efficient, budget friendly, and fulfilling. From new vinyl flooring to a full wet bar, we have the ability to source gorgeous premium building materials that will enhance the entire design and bring it together.

Carpenter cutting a decking board that is elevated on a saw horse down the center with a circular saw

Basement Finishing & Basement Remodeling

Basement finishing is the process of “finishing” an unfinished basement and turning it into a comfortable living space. Finishing is typical for new construction, where the homeowners opted out of having the builder finish the basement when buying the home. It is also standard for older buildings that didn’t intend for the basement to be a living space within the home. Regardless of why a basement was never finished, most basements can be transformed into a fully functional living space, and unfinished basements give you a blank canvas to work on.


Basement remodeling is the process of taking a finished basement and transforming the space into something fresh, new, and exciting. The transformation can be a much needed update that doesn’t require alterations to the framing or layout, or it can be a complete overhaul of the space. Remodeling is popular for those who are looking to open up the space for entertaining, create a rental space within the home, or provide additional living spaces, such as bedrooms. 

Key Basement Remodeling Considerations


All great remodeling and finishing projects start with one thing: a purpose. Basement remodeling is no different. The end goal and purpose of your basement will decide just about every choice down the road in the remodel. Drywall or plaster? Drop Ceiling or exposed? Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate, or Tile? These are all questions to consider and have planned before beginning the project. Based upon how the basement will be used, our design and remodeling team will help you to make the right decisions at hand. 

The key things to consider while planning the purpose and use for the space are:

        • Insulation Type
        • Plumbing Fixtures & Locations
        • Ceiling Styles
        • Flooring Materials
        • Utility Locations
        • Trim Style

Whether you envision your space to provide storage and laundry, or house a home theatre and wine cellar, our teams take purpose-driven steps from the beginning in order to deliver the best end result.

Space Limitations or Irregularities

Basements come in all shapes and sizes. Even more, they are usually the access points to our home’s utilities and essential appliances. It often takes some creative ingenuity to reconfigure what was once an unfinished utility access into an enjoyable and useable room. As we work with you to plan the layout of the space, our experts provide consultation on the restraints and requirements needed to comply with permits, codes, and practical usage. We’ll help to make the most of any space, large or small. 

Moisture Check

Every basement will have it’s own set of circumstances. However, one thing remains certain, your basement must be dry and waterproof in order to have a successful and sustainable finish or remodel. This starts by checking the area for any present dampness and moisture. Drywall should never be installed where water or high humidity is present. 

A damp basement doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be finished, it just means that some extra precautions need to be taken. Lucky for you, Aaction Home Repairs & Restoration is more than a remodeling team. We additionally specialize in water damage repair, which uniquely sets us apart for dealing with any moisture-related issues during basement remodeling. There are a lot of ways to tackle a damp basement, anywhere from a dehumidifier to a sump pump, to a full basement waterproofing. The direction you go is determined by the severity of the problem.

Plumbing Additions First, Permits Required

Getting a permit is essential to the job. While you could finish your basement without a permit, it could end up costing you even more down the line when you try and sell your home or if something were to happen and you can’t document the work that was completed. To your benefit, our team handles all required permitting and inspections, and stays in contact with the necessary offices and authorities to see the job through to completion. Plumbing permits, in particular, can take a long time to receive. Our job is to act quickly once plans are laid and decisions are made regarding space and layout.


Non-insulated foundation walls cause so much heat loss that Jason Todd, a training manager with GreenHomes America, an Irvine, Calif.-based national builder specializing in home performance retrofits, calls them the home’s biggest Achilles’ heel. There are many things to consider when insulating a basement, such as water management, air barriers, and water vapor barriers. Most homeowners don’t have the luxury of deciding on the exterior basement insulation and water barrier measures taken when building a home, so it’s important to do as good of a job as possible when managing the interior.

Basements are most commonly good candidates for rigid polystyrene foam insulation board. This type of insulation provides space saving thinness when compared to fiberglass, while staying more affordable than spray foam insulation. However, when feasible, spray foam can accomplish multiple basement finishing goals at once. In some installations, it can serve as the air, water, moisture, and thermal control surface for the wall.

Finishes and Design

Our previous clients know from experience that we can handle pretty much any remodeling project. We have worked with many customers to install features such as recessed wet bars, wine cellars, built-in cabinetry and storage, speaker systems, custom lighting, walk-outs, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any and all wants. When choosing AAction to complete your vision, the sky is truly the limit!

My basement turned out amazing! Everything came together beautifully, from the rich hardwood-looking vinyl flooring to the custom entertainment center. This space is my favorite in the entire house. The great craftsmanship, their patience with my last minute changes, and their guidance throughout, made AAction a fantastic contractor to work with. 

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