Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. was founded in 1995 by owner and operator, Brian “Keith” Hood. While working as a tradesmen in the home remodeling and restoration field, Mr. Hood realized that the industry as a whole was lacking in efficiency. Disorganization and mismanagement routinely caused problems, held up the workforce, and too often resulted in unnecessary delays. Mr. Hood wanted to develop an organization that worked more efficiently, was able to forecast the problems that tend to arise in the world of general contracting, and resolve those issues quickly to minimize their impact. He wanted to create an entity that was not easily caught of guard by routine issues and empowered it’s workforce with resources that allowed them to take action.

This unique approach has served Aaction well. Over the last 25 years, the business has grown to be one of the most reputable home remodeling and restoration companies in Maryland. Our team has developed many trade specific solutions that are widely used in the area and our project management expertise and processes are revered by respected throughout the industry.

Today Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration performs hundreds of projects a year for both residential and commercial clients. Projects range from handyman jobs, insurance claims, bathroom and kitchen remodels, real estate projects, home constructions, and commercial building. 


As a company the objective is to maintain a high reputation and strive to stay on top of customer and client satisfaction. Aaction strives to maintain an A+ status on the BBB, be a primary contact for real estate and insurance brokers, to keep the Google rating above a 4.5 star. Aaction emphasizes to execute timelines and have clear communication with all of the clients throughout the entire process.

Aaction’s work standards to the client is as follows:

  • Uphold state and national safety standards 
  • Maintain clear communication with all parties associated
  • Provide a fluent and concise schedule to meet objectives
  • Track the progress of the project and uphold timelines
  • Oversee the quality of work to ensure it surpasses the client’s standards
  • Follow-up with all clients after the project is completed to warrant the work

Our Mission

It is the mission of Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. to be the leading provider of improvement and restoration services by consistently improving the quality of our product/service; to add value for clients through modernization , expectation, integrity, and top-notch performance. 

Our Vision

Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc’s vision is to be the customers first choice in construction, project development, and fire and water restoration, always. 

Culture Statement

This statement defines who we are as a company and how we want to represent ourselves to others. All topics covered in the culture statement are of equal importance and is what set’s us apart from the competition.

  • Integrity – We do the right thing because it is right.
  • Quality – We are committed to consistently producing best-in-class services.
  • Honor – We respect the dignity and merit of each individual.
  • Teamwork – We leverage and celebrate the power of many.
  • Integrity – We are truthful and transparent.
  • Continuous Improvement – We have a relentless discomfort with the status quo.
  • Compassion – We invest in healing the hurts of others.
  • Generosity – We carefully manage our resources, so we can give.
  • Knowledge – We have an intricate understanding of our business and markets.
  • Accountability – We owe it to one another to do our best and to say when we’re not.
  • Ambition – We accept big challenges and strive to make great things happen.
  • Sustainability – We use good stewardship to ensure profits and lasting stability.
  • Systems – We have systems identified to maximizes efficiency and minimize error.

Code of Ethics

Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. strives to provide good ethics and integrity in all aspects of the business. There will be no tolerance for illegal activity or unethical conduct of anyone who is employed or associated with Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. Being a company who believes in strong ethics and morals we need each person affiliated with the company to abide by our code of ethics. You the employee are responsible for maintaining these values on a personal level.  

The personal interests of employees of Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. shall never be allowed to conflict the interests of the company, its customers, or its affiliates. The business contacts of Aaction Home Repairs and Restoration, Inc. shall in no way be used to pursue personal interests that would potentially financially or negatively affect the relationship of the company. 

  • Operate in business and personal life with honesty and integrity.
  • Consistently conduct business in a professional manner that will earn the respect of the community, for my company, and myself.
  • Promote products and services that will benefit the customer and that meet appropriate building codes.
  • Refrain from high pressure or high fear sales maneuvers.
  • Refrain from unethical business practices to gain access into a home, such as bait-and-switch sales tactics.
  • Provide my customers with detailed contracts/agreements/work orders so that the chances of properly managing expectations are maximized.
  • Offer customer satisfaction assurance.
  • Respond quickly to customer feedback and work to quickly resolve any misunderstandings.
  • Keep current on all licensing and/or certifications required within my job duties.
  • Do my best to screen to the deepest level possible any employees or sub-contractors that may enter our customer’s property.
  • Ensure that I conduct myself professionally in all interactions with customers.
  • Maintain a clean and safe workspace and do my best to maintain a livable environment while in my customer’s home.
  • Always do the right thing
About AAction Home Repairs February 17, 2017