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A beautiful custom two-tier deck built with brown and tan decking boards, dark bronze metal railings, and recessed stair lights

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Deck Building & Deck Installations

Outdoor decks, patios, and porches can add a lot of value to your home. Not only do they add value in terms of home equity, but they add valuable space for entertaining and relaxing, and drastically enhance overall curb appeal. At AAction we provide residents of Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore Counties with custom decks of uncompromising quality. Our experienced team of carpenters have created many an outdoor oasis throughout the state.

We’ve built a deck on every type of home you can find in Maryland. From single level decks around swimming pools to multi-story decks for row homes and town houses to rooftop decks in Baltimore, we’ve done it all and have got your project covered.

When installing and building a new custom deck, we give our customers complete flexibility in the choice of materials and styles. Our goal is to work with you to find the materials that suit your goals, needs, and budget. We have the ability to source gorgeous natural woods and stains, as well as obtain any maintenance-free, durable composite material.

Carpenter cutting a decking board that is elevated on a saw horse down the center with a circular saw

Deck Repairs & Deck Replacements

Already have a deck, but looking to spruce it up? Often, it is cheaper to repair an existing deck than to build a new one. AAction offers expert deck repair solutions that will make your outdoor space safe and fun again. We often see decks losing their battle against time and the elements. Either due to age, maintenance issues, insects, or damage from weather, decking boards are notorious victims of rot and breakage.

We are experienced in addressing all types of repair issues, from refinishing to complete replacement and structural remediation. The entirety of your home’s exterior should be attractive, long-lasting, and durable — including your deck and porch. We take pride in the quality of our work and work to treat every home repair as if it were our own. Rest assured that your deck will be repaired to like-new condition.

AAction Home Repairs New Decks and Porches

Decking Installation Process

Every deck design will have it’s own set of circumstances. The specific construction process will vary accordingly from project to project. Different style decks and features also dictate the approach taken for each build.

As an experienced builder, Aaction will always do the necessary leg work prior to each deck project. We are process oriented. All local codes will be known by our carpenters, and all necessary permits will be obtained on your behalf ahead of time. The restrictions that can limit a build – whether from a community association or municipality – will be addressed and avoided for a seamless construction.

The Design Process

We complete the design layout working hand-in-hand with the customer. We take your ideal vision, apply it to appropriately fit the layout of your home, and ensure it adheres with all restrictions and complies with ordinances. We then provide the final layout for your approval.

Getting Started

Our crews begin construction by preparing the decking site; removing obstructions, clearing the land, and prepping your home where attachment will occur. The foundation work then gets underway. We will install footers, ledgers, and posts to ensure the deck rests solidly on the ground it stands on.

The framework of the new deck is the next essential component. Once the foundation has solidified, support beams and joists are mapped out and constructed. At this stage you begin to see your new deck come to life. The bones form your vision, and for the first time you can begin to envision the space.

The Decking

Now that the framework and perimeter are up, fastened, and secured it’s time to lay the decking. This is where the customers customization decisions take center stage. The decking boards, whether they are natural lumber, composite boards, or even tiles and stone, really set the tone for the overall appeal of the finished product. Decking boards are traditionally screwed down into the joists. Newer “blind nailing” and bracket systems are also increasingly common options, depending on the decking material being used.

Finishing The Deck

The decking boards give us the platform to start installing the necessary final components. Railings, steps, and finishes go on next. These final components provide the greatest amount of options and unique variations to drastically enhance the beauty of your customized design. They also provide some essential safety features.

Unique Deck Additions

Our clients know that we can handle pretty much any deck addition. We have worked with many customers to install features such as recessed perimeter deck lighting, built in speaker systems, and even built-in kitchens. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any and all wants. When choosing Aaction to complete your vision, the sky is truly the limit!

I can’t believe how solid and beautiful our deck is! The guys at Aaction understood exactly what we wanted, seemingly better than we did ourselves. They steered us in the right direction, suggesting the perfect materials and finishes to complete our job. The deck they constructed was better than we could have ever imagined.

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